High end Pro service provider throughout UAE

An outsourced PRO Service Provider is the one who manages the entire documentation of the company right from the approvals , from the ministries and obtaining the approvals.In general , for any Business Owners trying to operate their Business in UAE would require PRO (Public Relation Officer) Services in order to have a smooth functioning of their business.An expert advice and experience is mandatory in order to have smooth business. We at TheCleverCorp offer full-fledged PRO Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. By this move our aim to help the clients focus more on their business operation and grow their business.

Why is it advised to Outsource PRO services in Abu Dhabi

  • Time Saving
  • Cost Reduction
  • Hassle Free
  • Reminder services
  • Transparency
pro services in abu dhabi

Visa Services
In UAE, there are several ways of having a residency Visa and the most common way of getting a resident visa is an employment or a partner visa.

Legal Translation
Legal translations range from individual documents to business contracts and court cases.Choosing a competent Legal Translation company is the logical choice.

Bank Account Opening
For any Business or an investor wanting to open a business and integrated requirement by default would be opening of a Bank account.We provide a seamless experience in obtaining a bank account for your business.

Documents Clearing
Document Clearance merely means obtaining the authorized documents required to start up a business.All our contracts are written under the international and UAE law to protect you and your business.

Customs Registration
Dubai Custom Authority is one of the leading government departments as it sees the inflow and outflow of trade which is smooth and easy. It keeps an observant eye on Dubai’s borders which indeed leads to a strong economic and social development.

Trade Mark Registration
A Trademark has to be registered in each country that the brand needs protection. Trademark filed in UAE will provide protection in UAE only.A copyright filed in UAE provides protection in around 176 countries as part of Berne Convention.

The above-mentioned are just a few benefits of availing PRO Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Apart from these, there are huge governmental and legal responsibilities dealt by a PRO. An experience consultant or a service provider can guide you through the process smoothly and make you aware of all the legal complication involved. Setting up a Business in Dubai will be convenient if the extensive procedures are outsourced. We at TheCleverCorp have our team of experts to be your outsourced PRO Service Provider.