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Corporate Bank Account Opening in Dubai, UAE | Clever Corp

Bank Account Opening in Dubai, UAE

Open your Dubai Bank Account with Us

Bank account opening in Dubai is known for its streamlined and expedited procedures. The timeframe for opening a bank account can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. It’s important to note that residents and non-residents may be required to provide varying sets of documents during the account opening process.

For UAE Residents

UAE residents require the following documents to open a current or savings account:

  1. Original passport and a copy
  2. Copy of your UAE resident Visa
  3. Salary certificate
  4. Emirates ID card or a copy of the registration form if not yet received

Clever Corp Business Advisors can help you open your bank account in Dubai. Contact us today for expert guidance.

For Non-Residents

Non-residents are generally only eligible to open a savings account. In addition to the above documents, non-residents may need to provide:

  1. Recent utility bill
  2. Reference letter from the home bank
  3. Six most recent monthly bank statements from the home bank
  4. Information demonstrating consistent funding sources


To ensure compliance and facilitate non-residents in maintaining bank accounts in the UAE, the request for additional documents is a standard procedure. Opening a non-resident savings account might be a slightly lengthier process due to additional document requirements. Mobile banking is also an option for bank account opening in Dubai.

However, it is important to recognize that opening a bank account independently in Dubai can be a complex process. Reach out to Clever Corp Business Advisors for expert assistance.

Opening Up a Corporate Bank Account

Opening up a corporate bank account in the UAE is a prerequisite to establishing a business because the UAE law prohibits conducting business with a personal account. Corporate accounts are typically current accounts to handle a large volume of transactions. Opening a business bank account in Dubai usually takes two to four weeks. Some of the many requirements to open a business bank account in Dubai include:

  1. Company trade license
  2. Certificate of company registration
  3. Share certificates
  4. Company’s articles of association and memorandum
  5. Letter from the board granting a company officer the authority to open a corporate account
  6. Visas and passports of all shareholders


It’s important to note that the documents required may vary depending on the chosen bank and the type of company.

The complex and lengthy process of opening a bank account in Dubai can be intimidating. To have a stress-free experience, contact us now!


For any business or investor looking to operate in the UAE, opening a bank account is a vital requirement. We provide a seamless experience in bank account opening in Dubai for your business through our expert assistance. Our network with various banks allows us to help all types of companies open a bank account in the UAE. Banks in the UAE and around the world have different requirements in terms of documents, minimum or average balances, etc. Based on the client’s requirements, we offer advice and assistance in connecting them with the right bank that suits their needs.

Bank Account Opening in Dubai
Open your Bank Account in Dubai with our Services

In case the requirement is to open an Islamic account, we suggest Emirates Islamic or RAK Islamic account. If the requirement is for conducting investment or foreign trade, then we suggest Al Masraf. If you are looking for a conventional type of account, then there are various options like ENBD, Mashreq Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, National Bank of Fujairah, Union National bank, and ADCB etc. The timeframe to open account is based on various factors such as the nature of business, domicile of operation (Free Zone/ Offshore or Mainland) and nationality of signatory. For instance, in the mainland, General Trading activity requires compliance approval before you can open an account This is why it takes more time to opening a business bank account in Dubai, UAE.

A combination of these different factors can affect the time frame. For a normal trading company in the mainland with all necessary documents in place, it normally takes 10 working days to open an account.


Yes, but the requirements may vary depending on the bank.

The account opening process typically takes around two weeks, but it can vary depending on the bank.

Yes, most banks require an initial deposit to activate your account.

Yes, there are fees associated with opening and maintaining a bank account. The fees vary depending on the bank and the type of account.

Yes, many banks offer accounts in different currencies. However, you’ll need to check with your chosen bank for the available currency options.

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