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Business Consultants in Dubai, UAE | Business Setup | Clever Corp


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Setting up a business is easy and time-saving if you do things the right way. This is where the role of proficient organizations like Clever Corp drives in. With a team of expert business setup consultants in Dubai, we guide you through the path towards exponential success.

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai,
UAE Simply in 5 Easy Steps

Send us an inquiry or book an appointment

Submit your details and we take care of your documentation

Make Initial

Procedures of
Setting up a Business is taken care by our experts

Collect your
Trade License

Send us an inquiry or book an appointment

Submit your details and we take care of your documentation

Make Initial

Procedures of
Setting up a Business is taken care by our experts

Collect your
Trade License

Company Formation
in Dubai, UAE!

Developing effective strategies for foundations and nonprofits that apply our clients’ resources to maximum potential.

Mainland Cost

Professional License Cost
AED 19,999
Commercial License Cost
AED 24,999

Offshore Company Formation

Among the various types of company formation’s, offshore holds a predominant position in the International trade.


UAE Based offshore setup package starts from

AED 7,499

Free Zone Company Formation

Entrepreneurs opt to invest in setting up their business in UAE free zones for several reasons and the most important factor remains.


Among the several free zones which are available, the package starts from

AED 7,500

Other Services


In general for any business owner operating their business in UAE, required PRO (Public relation officer) services in order.

Partner / Agent

Developing effective strategies for foundations and nonprofits that apply our clients’ resources to maximum potential.


Offices in Dubai become part and Parcel of the issuance of any Trade license for the department of Economic development.


An Apostille or commonly known as super legalization is the legalization of a document for international use.

Business Setup Services

Dubai is emerging as the finest destination for startups or businesses. One of the main factors which help the companies is its geographical position along with a government that continues to lower setup expenses to provide lucrative business and investment alternatives.

Dubai provides several benefits to the companies, including tax savings, good governance, a premium lifestyle for their employees, developing opportunities, superior infrastructure, and more.

Our company, Clever Corp Business Advisors, always tries to help and solve the problem of the new enterprises. We provide proper guidance and consultation to various departments, and not only do we guide, but we also support enterprises in all situations.

Advantages Of Company Formation In Dubai, UAE

Here are all the advantages of company formation :

Exemption from taxes

Dubai provides a tax-free business environment, which means that both your personal and corporate income will be 100% tax-free. This includes all business profits and personal earnings. Additionally, there are more benefits available to businesses formed under Free Zone.

Versatility and flexibility

Dubai offers numerous options for setting up the type of business that suits your needs. The authorities understand the importance of flexibility for the smooth operation of any organization, and they provide it accordingly. Business trade licenses  and different types of legal forms are offered by Mainland or Free Zone areas. Additionally, business centers provide various types of office spaces, further enhancing the flexibility of your business.

Worldwide Talent

Dubai is not only renowned for attracting entrepreneurs from worldwide but also has a vast potential for attracting specialists and workers from all over the world. The government here provides visas  for foreign workers whom you may want to hire. These visas allow them to come to the UAE and work, thanks to the liberal labor laws in place.

Lenient Authorities

Dubai has visionary local authorities. They are trying to turn Dubai into a global destination for entrepreneurs and businessmen. They are constantly making policies and amendments to the existing ones to make this city more friendly for foreigners.

Ease of doing business

Dubai’s convenient business environment is a major attraction for investors and entrepreneurs, as the city ranks first in ease of doing business. This is possible because of talented and experienced business consultants, investor-friendly infrastructure, etc. Our business setup consultants in Dubai not only sets up your company but also guides you through running it, educating you about market situations, consumer demands, and more.

Limited ownership restriction

Previously foreigners couldn’t set up their business alone in Dubai. They needed  local sponsor. Earlier, the government had a policy that foreigners could own only 49% of the stake, and Emiratis will hold the remaining 51%. However, this rule is now removed except in the sectors of the oil and gas industry. Now foreigners can own 100% of their business in the UAE.

Stable condition

The most politically stable country in the Middle East is the  UAE, which helps us  in new business incorporation. There is a surety among the businessman that the company will not be affected by regional instabilities.

Excellent infrastructure

Individuals and families whose businesses are based in Dubai can obtain a long-term residential visa. The city has the most advanced and developed residential areas. The UAE government has launched the Golden Visa for entrepreneurs, investors, and exceptional students.

Geographical location

Dubai’s strategic location makes it perfect for the business. It lies between East and West, which helps in reaching the broader customer base. Its proximity to India and China makes it a perfect location for certain businesses.

Business Setup in the UAE: FAQ

There are two ways to set up a business or  company in Dubai. First, a consultant with years of experience can help you set up the business  and continue with its  smooth functioning. 

Second, you can opt for setting up a business on your own. This is only possible when you are a local and have the business experience earlier. 

We would recommend you choose a consultant for a business setup services. However, if you still want to do it on your own, you need to take care of few steps. 

  • Select your business activities 
  • Select an economic zone
  • Select a legal structure
  • Select a trading name
  • Select a trade license
  • Get the initial approval
  • Rent or lease an office space
  • Get the external approvals
  • Submit the documents and pay the fees.

The cost of business setup in Dubai will differ from business to business. The cost varies mainly because of three things.

(a) License fee- For business setup, you need a trade license which ensures that you can legally perform business activities in the country. The cost of a permit differs, resulting in a difference in the price of the business setup.


(b) Office space – All companies need office space. The space can either be rented or on lease. Thus, this causes a difference in the cost of business setup.


(c) Starting capital – Different business requires different amount of money. 

The government of UAE allows you to form a new business in mainland, offshore and free zone. All these have different amenities and rebates given by authorities. You can open any business depending on which type of company formation suits you the best. Business setup in Dubai requires a license approved by DED. 

The long-term plans made by UAE authorities have made it easier for foreigners to set up a company. All you need is to provide the necessary documents, and our consultancy will help you with the remaining processes. 

UAE and Dubai are the best locations to grow internationally in the current geopolitical situation. It provides a wide range of exposure to the world, and the additional rebates act as icing on the cake for any business owner. There is no comparison to the UAE in terms of what market they possess.

It’s not necessary to live in Dubai permanently to start a business in the city. 

Take care of a few things; you must work with local sponsors. For other services, you can contact our consultancy. 

There are a few requirements or documentation to get cleared if you want to set up your business in Dubai mainland or any other place in the UAE. Clever Corp Business Advisors  will help in every step to set up your mainland business.

Usually, it takes 3 to 10 days with us, and we try to reduce it as much as possible. The only condition is you need to provide all the prerequisite documents which our team wants from your side. Rest, Clever Corp Business Advisors  will take care of all the document clearance and help you in each way possible to set up your business in Dubai and UAE.

in the past, it was necessary to have a local sponsor to set up your business on Mainland. Only Freeland’s business setup was allowed to have 100% ownership. But Freeland’s business has its limitation. If anyone opened a business on Mainland, only 49% of the ownership was provided to the owner, while 51% of the ownership should be with a local sponsor. 

However, with the changes in the law to attract foreign companies, the Dubai government has amended its laws, and most sectors are allowed 100% ownership of the owner. Few industries of national and strategic importance are not available to have 100% ownership.

It depends upon the choice of location, business size, company type, and economic jurisdiction. Generally, starting a business in the free zone is cheaper than on the Mainland. Generally, the cost of starting a limited liability company in Dubai is approximately AED 22000. 

Anyone who is a responsible adult can register their company in Dubai. There are restrictions in some countries, but still, you can have your business by providing some additional information.

Clever Corp Business Setup Consultants

“Clever Corp is a highly prominent and contribution-based business setup Consultancy,  providing company incorporation services to all 3 jurisdictions of Dubai i.e. Mainland, Free Zone and offshores. Clever Corp Business Advisors assists you with all the PRO Services and immigration services related to all types of visas. We are the one-stop-shop for all your business needs, providing you with the necessary tools to promote and bring growth to your dream business. With our efficient company formation services in Dubai, we ensure to assist the client with the best possible solutions and help them overcome all business challenges.”

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