Professional Company

Professional Company Formation in Dubai, UAE


A professional company is a skill based business which stalks from the knowledge and the efforts of the owner. These licenses or the activities rely on the qualifications and the experience of the owner. These qualification certificates are attested and produced to the authorities to validate and issue the right license to a right person. A professional License in Dubai, UAE can be 100% owned by an expat business owner a sole owner called as a sole establishment company or as a partnership firm called as a Civil company. In either cases, they would require a UAE national as a Local service Agent. As an added option, the economic department even allows a professional company to have a Limited Liability company as a legal structure. Certain professional trade license requires an additional examination to be cleared with in the emirate in order to be eligible to conduct their business.

Essential features of Professional company in UAE

  •  1. 100% ownership by the expat shareholders.
  •  2. A UAE National shareholder would remain as a Local service agent with a fixed annual remuneration.
  •  3. No minimum capital required.
  •  4. Relevant qualification and experience certificates are mandate.
  •  5. Viable options on the office facilities by the economic department.
  •  6. Examples of professional companies are: Management consultancy, Accounting and Audit services, Educational services etc.

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