Trademark Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

High end Trademark Registration services for companies all over UAE.

Trademark can protect your company’s name, logo and slogan. It’s the little ‘TM’ or the ‘R’ that you see under brand logos that signifies that the particular logo, name and slogan is protected.

Copyright can protect original works created by individuals/companies like literary, drams, musical, movies, songs, software, books, publishing’s, etc.

Region of Protection

A Trademark has to be registered in each country that the brand needs protection. A Trademark filed in UAE will provide protection in the UAE only.

A Copyright filed in a country, can be protected in several other countries depending on the laws in the country. A copyright filed in the UAE provides protection in around 176 countries as part of the Berne Convention.

Period of Protection

A Trademark is registered for a period of 10 years and has to be renewed every 10 years. A Copyright is usually valid for a period of 50 years. There are some variances depending on the category of work which is being copyrighted.

Time frame for Registration

A Trademark takes anywhere between 10 – 12 months for a final registration. During the Trademark process, the company can use the ‘TM’ symbol to do away with competition and can use the ‘R’ upon final registration. A Copyright can be registered anywhere between 3 weeks to 2 months’ time. Intellectual Property protection is a very important process, which many entrepreneurs take for granted.

The use of IP protection guarantees that any non-approved, non-ethical use is put to a stop. As can be seen by various cases like Apple vs Samsung and more recently Lego vs LEPIN, IP protection reaps its rewards.

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