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We grow our business through our referral partners-Business Setup in Dubai.

Emerging Requirement for referral partnerships:

With the current market competition and era of digital world it is always advisable to explore many different options to grow the business. All the marketing strategies implemented by the company will enhance the performance of the company to a certain level but on the other hand, word of mouth marketing either through your own client or a channel partner will enhance the business multifold times. It becomes obligatory to have satisfied customer. This method of referral channels will lead to a sustainable growth of the business.

Keeping the above scenario into consideration we at Clever Corp offer a referral partnership program where we grow hand in hand through our associate partners.


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Business setup in Dubai

Eligibility Criteria for our Partners:

We generalize this to any service industry segment to be our business partners to name few there are majorly from Law firms, Accounting firms, Audit firms, Consultants etc. But not limited to the above any individual or freelancers willing to work with us bringing potential clients could be our partner. We enter into a partnership agreement with the individual or the corporate body highlighting the compensations to the either parties.

Rewards for the Services:

Upon a successful referral we reward the partner as per the agreement from the share our professional service fees. A referral reward is a onetime payment made to partner in recognition of his contribution. The Channel partner can either choose to mark up on the prices quoted or just refrain to the agreement and the percentages as agreed with CLEVER CORP- Business Setup Consultants.

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Confidentiality & Privacy:

Any information shared by either party are kept confidential in terms of the business and its activities. Any breach on the agreed terms would lead to appropriate legal action.

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