Legal Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

Certified Translation services for companies throughout UAE.

Legal translations range from individual documents to business contracts and court cases. Selection of the right translator for the job is critical and ideally, the legal translator should be in control with not only the legal terminology, but also the legal culture forming the framework for the text. Choosing a competent Legal Translation company is the logical choice.

Legal texts span a wide range and here are some typical examples of translations we undertake:

Legal Translation of Birth Certificates.

Legal Translation of Driving Licenses.

Legal Translation of Death Certificates.

Legal Translation of Identification Cards.

Legal Translation of Declaration of Marital Status.

Legal Translation of Passports.

Legal Translation of Marriage Certificates.

Legal Translation of Lost Passport certificates.

Confidentiality 100 % Assured! The majority of documents translated by our Legal Translation Team is highly confidential and often contains sensitive information.

We also provide Legal Translations for a host of other languages, in cooperation with our channel Partners. Few such languages are as follows: