How to setup a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

The food truck business in Dubai is an emerging business. Dubai is a tourist destination, so the love for the food is always on priority in such circumstances. It’s often considered as Food Truck permit in itself is a license to operate. But in reality a Food truck needs to be backed up by a catering license, a central kitchen or even a food stuff trading license.

The success of the food truck business lies in the way the food is been served and the mobility of the truck to reach different masses.

In the cases where by the truck is backed up by a trading license, a supplier agreement with a central kitchen or a catering service company becomes mandatory.

Approvals required for a Food Truck Permit:

  • The permit ranges from weekly, monthly or even yearly from the Department of Economic development
  • Dubai Municipality – Food Control department
  • Road and Transport authority

Important Things to be considered before applying for the truck permit:

  • The location of the truck to be parked and the required agreements for the space.
  • The license copy of the central kitchen / Catering services
  • In case of truck being backed up by the trading license then supplier agreement with the central kitchen / catering services.

Step By step Procedures for obtaining the truck permit:

  • A detailed business plan and the above listed documents to be submitted to the DED authority.
  • The truck to be registered on the license backed up and a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certificate needs to be submitted for the layout approval to the Dubai municipality.
  • The blue print of the trucks design needs to be submitted to the municipality for the approval.
  • The approval from RTA becomes mandatory for the labelling and the mobility.
  • Once the above approvals been obtained, the truck is ready to park in the location and start its business.

The above procedure listed is simple yet complex. We at  Clever corp  handle all of the above with ease and the sound experience we carry. In case if the license where the truck needs to be backed up isn’t available, we provide the services for forming such license and assist in getting the supplier agreements in place.

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