Trademark Registration for Startups in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

Every business is unique, and thus, it requires a trademark, sign, symbol, or design which signifies a company’s unique product or service. If you are on the way to establishing a startup in Dubai, you must learn about Dubai trademark registration to protect your products from theft.

A trademark is a unique sign, symbol, or name that stands out among the competitors. It must not be similar to any previously registered trademarks and should be unique.

Registering your trademark to protect it from theft by competitors is important. This blog discusses how to register your trademark in Dubai. Read on.

Dubai Trademark Registration Process

If you are establishing a startup in the UAE, you must undergo the trademark registration process. This guide will help you with every step:

1. Trademark Search 

You must have had several names in your mind to name your business, but you don’t want to get involved in a lawsuit concerning trademark theft, right? Thus, you need a trademark name that has never been used or isn’t actively used. 

It is advised to develop a few names and designs that do not resemble any other existing trademark and fall under the criterion.

What is allowed under Trademark Registration?

  • Trade Name Registration
  • Logo Registration
  • Domain name registration
  • Brand Name

What is not accepted as a trademark?

  • Descriptive Marks
  • Religious symbols
  • Symbols of a national flag
  • Any signs that violate the public or moral order
  • Any national medals

It is advised to be thoughtful when designing a trademark, as this symbol will identify your business. So, give a careful thought.

2. Filing Application

It is the second step, where you must apply to the Ministry of Economy. The required documents are:

  • Power of Attorney if you use an advisory’s services and empower them to apply on your behalf. If not, you can apply directly through the website- 
  • Copy of trade license
  • Your trademark logo, symbol, or name. 
  • Passport or ID of the Managing Director. 
  • Any other documents required by the Ministry.

3. Payment

You must pay the application payment once you submit your application and the documents. The filing fee is AED 750.

4. Application or Rejection

Your application is reviewed, and within 30 days of application submission, you will receive an intimation of whether your application is accepted or rejected. In case of rejection, you must review the reason and amend it to file again.

5. Publishing

Once the notification of the acceptance has been received, you must publish the trademark name, logo, or brand name in two local UAE newspapers within 30 days. The cost is AED 750. The trademark must be published mandatorily. If anyone has an objection, they can raise so within 30 days of publication of the marks bulletin. 

If you are late in making the publication payment, a fine of AED 100 is imposed with a maximum limit of AED 1000 annually, a part of a month being calculated as full.

6. Registration

Once the objection period ends, you can pay the registration fee, and the trademark will be registered. The fee is AED 5000. 

In case of any delay in the registration fee, a fine of AED 1000 is imposed with a maximum limit of AED 10000 annually, a part of a month being calculated as full. 

In addition, the Ministry of Economy has the sole right to reject the application on valid grounds.

Trademark Registration Cost in Dubai

The total cost of trademark registration in Dubai is as follows:

  • Application Fee: AED 750
  • Publication Fee: AED 750
  • Registration Fee: AED 5000
  • Fine and penalty:

On late payment of publication fee – AED 100; maximum limit AED 1000

On late payment of registration fee – AED 1000; maximum limit AED 10000 Other Fees: In case you are hiring an advisory firm.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Dubai trademark registration for startups must be considered an essential process if you wish to protect your business. 

Registering your trademark has the following benefits:

  • It gives your business a unique identity.
  • Your trademark is your asset, and you can license it and sell it if opportunities present themselves.
  • It saves you from unnecessary litigations due to theft of the trademark.
  • It sets you apart from the competitors in the industry and presents your reputation in the market.

Trademark Registration with Clever Corp Business Advisors

Obtaining a trademark registration in Dubai is a tedious process. And you might need an expert in handling all the paperwork and dealing with payments. Thus, Clever Corp Business Advisors should be your first choice. We offer comprehensive trademark registration services in Dubai and assist you at every step of the process. All your queries are welcome, and you can relax and focus on your business while we take care of the trademark.

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