Company Setup in Dubai Owning a business could be a dream of any hardworking employee. After having hands on experience in certain industry and gaging the right knowledge it is wise for an individual to own business. Dubai is one such fast moving country where several opportunities roll down on the path. “It is important […]

Business setup in Abu Dhabi Complete Guide

Business setup in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most favored destinations and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It provides excellent investment opportunities to the entrepreneur. Abu Dhabi has a flexible and transparent system of procedures that help that helps Business setup in Abu Dhabi. The legal structure of Abu Dhabi has been categorized into onshore […]

E-Cigarettes and Vaping is now legal in Dubai.


Dubai Government under the Dubai Economic Development (DED) has announced the launch of E-cigarette trading to be legal in Dubai. It has launched a new activity called “Electronic cigarettes & accessories trading” under the “Tobacco and Smoking accessories trading” group. This will allow the investors to have cigarette trading legally. These e-cigarettes are electronic devices […]

Things to remember while Setting up a Business in Dubai.

Business setup consultants in Dubai

Setting up a Business in Dubai Owning a Business in Dubai could be dream but when fulfilling such dreams it is very important to understand the do’s and don’ts while Setting up a Business. The current market trend to Setup Business in Dubai is encouraging but certain major things to be considered before venturing into your own decision of  Setting […]

Business setup in Dubai is easier with right Business Consultant in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is emerging as the finest destinations for the entrepreneurs to either have their Businesses started here or to expand into this market. Dubai been geographically placed well in the position to be accessible to the countries across the Globe. The new initiatives taken by the Dubai Government is also attracting the investors across the country to […]

How to Start a Business in Dubai or in UAE?

I often get this question from my clients that how to start a business in Dubai as it is a long process with a lot of paperwork involved in it. Where the setup in some other countries are done just in an hours’ time. The irony is that this is something which is completely miss understood […]

Steps to set up a Business in Dubai

set up a Limited Liability Company in the UAE

Dubai, emerging as one of the dream destinations for many entrepreneurs.  Business Setup in Dubai is made economical in such a way that any budding entrepreneur could easily make up his mind and start his planning to set up Business in Dubai. In this blog, I would like to highlight the 10 steps to set up […]

How to setup a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

The food truck business in Dubai is an emerging business. Dubai is a tourist destination, so the love for the food is always on priority in such circumstances. It’s often considered as Food Truck permit in itself is a license to operate. But in reality a Food truck needs to be backed up by a […]


Dubai, is undoubtedly the first choice of any business owners to have their own businesses. Dubai carries a remarkable place in terms of ease of operating a business in the world and thus the most favorable business destinations. In such scenario’s the Dubai government has a made an announcement of VIRTUAL BUSINESS LICENSE. This announcement […]

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