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Get Investor Visa in Dubai, UAE [Detailed Guide] - Clever Corp

Get Investor Visa in Dubai, UAE [Detailed Guide]

Get Investor Visa in Dubai

Dubai’s Favourable and friendly government policies and commercial hub of the region are one of the major reasons for Dubai’s becoming the world’s fastest-growing economy. Also, the attraction of tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Investors has made Dubai a Versatile city preferably a land of Gold.

Dubai stimulates and promotes further foreign Investment with their enriched Business and visa modules to allow people to obtain a residency Visa in UAE, giving acknowledgment to investors to build a secure future in setting up their company and sponsoring their families.

Dubai Investor Visa is also known as Partner Visa. This Visa duration is of 3 years and it is beneficial to foreign nationals or Investors who invest their money in the Dubai market, who want to start up their own business, or who want to invest in an existing business.

A person who has an Investor Visa in Dubai is allowed to Rent or own the house in their name, open a bank account, acquire a driving Licence, be eligible for a Loan from the bank, and many other essential services. 

The Dubai Investor Visa also grants its holder permission to sponsor their spouse, children, and parents to enter the UAE.

Benefits of Dubai Investor Visa

Like every other type of visa in Dubai, the Investor visa owns certain advantages over others.


An investor visa is valid for three years, a person who wishes to start up their business and invest in Dubai, is eligible to get this Visa which will allow them to stay in UAE as a resident for the time duration of 3 years, also they can sponsor their family.

Tax Exemption

UAE has no Direct Taxes, so foreigners who set up their companies in Dubai are exempted to pay any direct tax. Also, Dubai has signed double Tax treaties with 70 Countries, so holding a UAE residence visa keeps you out to pay TAX.

Open a Bank Account

having a Dubai Investor Visa, one can have easy access to a bank account opening. Transferring fund through the bank or receiving fund globally become easy in Business

Long Term Visa

After acquiring an investor visa, if you build a successful business venture in the UAE, you will be able to obtain a Golden Visa. 

Golden visa was launched in 2019 to encourage business development and reward investors and entrepreneurs for their contributions to economic growth. It gives you a 10-year UAE residency visa.

Process of Investor Visa

There are two main ways through which or due to which you become eligible and can apply for acquiring an investor visa in UAE.

1. New company incorporation

Registering a company in Dubai Mainland is the most effective way to acquire an investor visa for a foreign Investor to start their business, and To get the residency for 3 years, the following documents are required

  • Choose a legal type
  • Choose the Business Activity
  • Passport Copy & Visa Copy 
  • Business consultant to guide you 

2. Proof of existing investments

An additional way to get an investor visa is by investing in existing companies. This doesn’t require you to incorporate a new venture; you only need to submit proof of investments you have made.

If everything goes according to the eligibility criteria set by the UAE government, then your file is created with the Economic Department. Following this, the economic department issues reference file numbers. You will receive a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Dubai Municipality based on the reference number. The immigration department requires NOC to apply for your Dubai investor visa.

Investor Visa Process 

If you are looking to get an investor visa, then you must go through the complete procedure followed for the purpose.

Step 1: Application

The very first step is to apply for an investor visa. It would help if you got your application filled out by the local typing centre to avoid any mistakes and contradictions. 

Step 2: Change status request

After applying for a UAE investor visa, you must go for the Change status request procedure. After receiving consent from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai), wind up the change status processing at a sanctioned typing centre. 

By contacting visa professionals, you can smoothly complete this process. 

Step 3: Medical Examination

In the next step, you are obligated to take a medical examination, and to qualify, you must complete medical typing first. The authority will organise a medical test for you, and you must travel to the medical centre on the planned date. 

Step 4: Emirates ID Typing 

An authentic Emirates ID is a must to ensure a safe stay in the UAE. Therefore you need to pay attention to the emirates id typing procedure after completing the Medical examination. You must attach all the legitimate permits; sometimes, fingerprint authorization may be required.

Step 5: Stamping on Investor Visa

After winding up all the requirements mentioned above, The last step is to have a stamp on your UAE Residency visa by appropriate officials. You can visit an authorized location to get your stamping done. 

Post finishing your application; Immigration Department will send an SMS to your official mobile number regarding the rejection or approval of your application.

Documents Required 

  • Copy of your passport
  • Personal photographs as per the photo standards established by the government 
  • MoA (memorandum of association)
  • Your bank’s statement (for the past six months)
  • Proof of accreditation attested by the concerned governing body
  • Proof of patent
  • A valid trading license
  • Immigration establishment card and Emirates ID
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