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How To Apply For A Family Visa Through ICA Dubai, UAE

How To Apply For A Family Visa Through ICA Dubai, UAE

Family Visa Through ICA

Millions of workers & Businessmen have now chosen UAE as their residence to outright the future growth and they have established themselves in UAE.  while working as a foreign national and having UAE Residency Visa, you are allowed to bring your family to UAE with ICA Approval. It’s now essential to know the ways to sponsor families and get them with UAE Residence Visa. The family visa for residence is obtained through ICA. As a Foreign national, you are required to bring your dependents to UAE through ICA approval, but if you cannot do that, specific requirements must be met while obtaining a family visa through ICA. 

Requirements To Obtain Uae Visa Through ICA

Here are the following criteria for obtaining a visa

– The minimum salary requirement for male emigrants is AED 4000 or 3000 per month plus accommodation. 

– For females, the minimum requirement is either AED 10000 or 8000 plus accommodation.

– If you are having same-sex marriage, you can’t sponsor your spouse as UAE doesn’t allow same-sex relationships.

– Test of HIV and tuberculosis is compulsory

– Members above the age of 18 should submit their medical fitness approved by the government.

Professional Eligible For Uae Entry Permit Through ICA

Before 2019 there was no restriction on professionals eligible to sponsor their family members. ICA approves those persons who comply with salary requirements. 

A male person can have the following members with a family visa through ICA.

• For wife- Under the rules set by GDRFA, if you are a Muslim resident, you can have an option of having two sponsors.

• For son- The son should be above the age of 18. You can sponsor them for up to 21 years if he is a student. They can’t study abroad or in any other country; otherwise, their visa will be cancelled. They must visit UAE once every six months.

• For daughter – If the daughter is unmarried, you can sponsor her. 

• For parents – The USA follow specific rules regarding the sponsor for parents

(i) There should be a guaranteed amount for each parent. 

(ii) Medical insurance is required

(iii) Monthly salary of AED 19000 or 20000 is needed

(iv) Two bedroom accommodation in must.

• For stepchildren- You need to have a NOC certificate for the sponsor of the stepchildren from their biological parents. It is valid for one year and is renewable

How Can Women Obtain Their Family Residence Visas Through ICA?

Here is the list of criteria for obtaining a family visa for women 

  • A woman can sponsor her husband and children
  • If a husband is incapable, then also women are not allowed to do it
  • Women must be working
  • Women should involve in a profession like engineering, teaching, or any medical-related job
  • Womens having sufficient salaries can sponsor
  • Women with a minimum salary of AED 8000 plus accommodation
  • Women with AED 10000. 

Documents Required For Uae Visa Through ICA

– Online UAE visa application form

– Copy of passport of family members

– Passport size pictures of family members

– Medical clearance certificate 

– Clearance certificate of 18 years of age

– Copy of sponsor’s employment contract

– Legal marriage certificate

– Proof of monthly salary

– Registered tenancy contract

– Latest utility bill

– Income tax return

– Females and students travelling alone will require NOC.

– Applicable visa fees in cash or credit

What Are The Steps To Apply For Uae Residence Visa Through ICA?

For foreign residents, the person can submit the visa application within 60 days of receiving their own UAE residence visa.

1. Apply for a UAE entry permit through ICA 

Firstly you need to apply for an entry permit to sponsor your family members to join the residence in UAE. Entry permits must be used at GDRFA( general directorate of residency and foreign affairs) and foreign affairs. This can be done online or offline mood. While offline, it should be done through licensed typing centres in Dubai. It has also provided several mobile apps and android apps applications. 

2. Apply for a UAE family visa

After the family entry into the country by entry permit, you need to apply for a family visa. The application can be submitted at the offices of GDRFA. The family visa through ICA can be issued for 1 to 3 years. It should be renewed before 30 days of expiry. The family visa depends on the sponsor’s visa, so if the visa expires, the family visa automatically gets cancelled. 

A grace of 30 days is being provided to the dependent family member to renew their residence visa. 

3. Get your documents ready

Get all the documents ready and assembled correctly. Some documents like marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, etc., may need to be verified with an apostille stamp per guidelines of the visa office.

4. Attend the visa interview

After collecting the documents, you must attend the visa interview. This is mainly done to find the intention for applying for the visa. These interviews are probably followed by the partner answering questions regarding their relationship. Some visa centres will demand the application fee also.

The Process Through Typing Centers 

– Collect all the documents

– Visit the authorized typing centres

– Handover all the documents

– The typing centre does the scanning of documents

– You will now receive an SMS saying your application is approved.

– Zajil will collect your passport and get the visa stamped through the immigration department.

Why Was The Family Visa Denied?

The reasons for rejection of a family visa are:

  • When a family doesn’t have enough money to finance your stay
  • If you don’t have any valid relationship with the family
  • When you lied on your application form.


1. How long does it take to get a family visa?

It takes between one to two years. Some countries allow the person to stay in the country while the visa is processed. 

2. How much does the family visa cost?

Its range may go from $160 to $1500. The fee variations depend upon the type the visa.

3. How long does a family visa last?

Family visas are the same as the sponsor’s visa ranging between five and ten years.

4. Can you work and study on a family visa?

Depending upon the country’s rule, you can work. Some countries restrict the working hours and programs of particular studies on a family visa.

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