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Tourism License in Dubai - Clever Corp

Tourism License in Dubai

Tourism License in Dubai

Introduction to Tourism license in Dubai

Dubai is not only a center for innovation and technology but also a popular tourism destination in Asia. In recent years, Dubai has been the most wanted traveling city. Dubai’s geographic position makes it easy to draw money from tourism-related businesses. Dubai has extraordinary natural beauty and is considered one of the most happening places in the world with a lot of activities to do. Dubai acts as a connection hub for travelers who journey from the west to the east and vice versa. Through Dubai, western tourists can reach Africa and Asia. As a result, Dubai has a very high connectivity factor. Therefore, getting a tourism license in Dubai is a good way to start your entrepreneur’s career.

Besides entertainment and tourism, Dubai is highly known as the land of the best job opportunities.

The UAE’s GDP is significantly impacted by the travel and tourism industry. The industry supports over 300,000 direct jobs in the UAE or 5.4% of all employees.

Almost 2 million people visit Dubai’s Burj Khalifa alone each year, a wonder of the skyscraper world.

Types of Tourism Licenses in Dubai

Companies and organizations that work in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates travel and tourism industries must have a current tourism license. Dubai is a popular tourist destination, so there is a rising need for tourism licenses yearly. Those who want to launch a tourism company in Dubai must apply for a tourism license there. There are three different types of tourism licenses offered in Dubai:

  • Inbound Tourism License
  • Outbound Tourism License
  • Travel Agency License

Who Should Apply for a Tourism License?

People who have the following business establishments should apply for a tourism license:

  • Travel firms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Car rental firms
  • Travel agents

Documents Required to get a Tourism License in Dubai.

Given that Dubai is a major tourist destination obtaining a tourism license is not difficult if the relevant processes are carefully followed. The necessary paperwork for applying for a tourist license in Dubai and starting your travel and tourism company is listed below.

  • An application form
  • Passport of the applicant (copy)
  • Evidence of educational and professional credentials of management
  • The management and the business owner should present a certificate attesting to their innocence.
  • NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Authenticated record proving a 30 square meter office

Inbound Tour License

An inbound tourism operation license is required by companies doing inbound tourism activities. This  license is necessary for all inbound tour companies. Within the boundaries of Dubai, a holder of an inbound tour license may offer tours and sightseeing activities. The inbound travel operator can plan trip itineraries linked to conventions and events. An insurance plan to cover any risks associated with travel is another prerequisite. The coverage will be in effect for the whole duration of the license.

Outbound Tour License

An outward tour license must be obtained to operate both inbound and outbound tours in Dubai. This indicates that, unlike in the case of an Inbound License, tour operators can create tour packages outside of Dubai. A benefit of holding overseas conferences and meetings has an outbound license. The outbound license also needs to have an insurance policy. The policy’s validity covers the entire license term. Outbound tour license bank guarantees are larger than inbound tour licenses.

Travel Agent License

Travel agents must have a license when engaging in activities like selling tickets for flights, providing visa support, lodging while traveling, organizing tours, etc. The exact requirements apply for the outbound and inbound, and travel agent licenses. There is one more prerequisite, though. The NOC or No Objection Certificate from the Department of Civil Aviation is required for the license to be issued. A letter of request in Arabic on the behalf of the local sponsor is required to submit an application for a NOC.

How can Clever Corp Help?

If you ever need help with the following procedures discussed above, you can always contact Clever Corp for any help. They will expertly guide you through every step so you can obtain your license hassle-free. Contact them today.

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