Instant License in Dubai

In a fast paced environment where we are living today, we are seeking for everything quicker and faster. Main concern for the business owners who intend to set up their  business in Dubai  will be the initial cost and the process time frame. To cater this needs of business owners to reduce their initial set up cost and time frame the business licensing and registration department in Dubai (DED) has launched the concept of Instant License
An instant license means you can have your business registered in Dubai within one day. The significant factor to obtaining a DED license is usually a requirement of having a physical office or desk space with a valid Ejari or sustainability agreement. Business owners who intended to set up their business in Dubai who has no requirement for a physical office initially has to additionally raise their investment for obtaining the office.
So Department of Economic Department (DED) taking consideration of their customer needs has initiated the concept of Instant License in Dubai where a business owner can obtain license from the DED without the requirement of the physical office space for a period of 1 year.

Who can apply for the Instant License?

Even though DED has introduced the concept of instant license there is certain requirements and specifications to be met for the business owners to obtain this license.

  1. Business Activity:  The business owners can select only the normal professional and commercial business activities which does not require any external approval
  2. Nationality:  Not all nationality business owners are eligible to apply for instant license. As per DED only the nationalities who do not require immigration pre approval in Dubai are eligible for applying for the Instant License

Instant License Cost:

The instant license can be issued for both professional and commercial activities which does not require any external approval. The government cost for the license is:

LicenseAED 6,500AED 13,000
Foreign Trade Name (optional)AED 2,000AED 2,000
Market FeesAED 250AED 250

Currently the market fees for instant license is reduced from AED 3,000 to AED 250 by DED for a limited period to support the business owners.

Instant License visa eligibility:

As normal license, instant license is also eligible to get visas for the shareholders and employees. The business owners can get up to 2 investor/ partner visa and maximum of 3 employee visas. The employee visas are subject to approval from Ministry Of Labour.

Second year onwards the employee visa eligibility is based on the size of the office which is same as that of the normal license.

How to apply for Instant License:

Choose your right consultant to apply for your instant license and completion without any errors.

  1. Select your Business Activity:  The business owners can select their business activities from the list of activities published by DED which is eligible for an instant license
  2. Company Trade name:  The Business owners should select their company name based on the set of guidelines issued by DED.
  3. Determine the Share capital and Shareholding pattern:  DED has a default share capital value determined for each company legal type. If the Business owner need to increase the share capital, DED permits to do so. Also the Business owners need to provide the information on the shareholding pattern.
  4. Application Process:  The application should be submitted in DED to get the prior approval for issuance of the license. Shareholders/ Manager presence is required in DED to complete the application process
  5. License Issuance:  Once the application is submitted the payment voucher will be generated and the license payment should be made to get the license issued which is valid for a year.

Clever Corp can act as your reliable local agent / local partner for the instant license to ensure a smooth running of your business. We at Clever Corp can advise and guide you to obtain your  Instant Licence in Dubai  without any hassle.

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