How to get a Green Visa UAE – Ultimate Guide (2022)

Green Visa UAE

Moving away from Oil, UAE is working to create long-range socio-economic strategies to prevent the nation from relying on one or two markets. The focus is on sustainable development through the country’s tourism and construction industries. As a result, UAE has introduced several types of visas like Green visas, Golden visas, Talent visas, etc., having different benefits to induce tourists and business people from all over the world. The Green visa UAE was developed as part of the UAE’s expansion and development program. This special permit is given to foreign professionals to live, work and invest in the UAE. It allows you to set up your own business and manage your staff.

How to get a Green Visa UAE?

There are different eligibility criteria for other Business persons. Three main Business categories are Skilled employees, freelancers, and investors or partners. It would be best if you chose the category your business falls in, and then you must fulfill the relevant eligibility criteria.

Skilled employees

 If a skilled employee obtains a green residence visa, he is provided with a five-year residency in Dubai. Specific eligibility criteria are to be met: 

  • Highly skilled: If you are highly qualified, you can register with the Ministry of Labour as a foreign employee. If you are a specialist or a technician, you must have a certificate of employment in the UAE.
  • Salary higher than minimum salary: To ensure a good living standard, your salary should not be less than fifteen thousand dirhams.
  • The minimum level of education: bachelor’s degree or equivalent 


In the green visa system, freelancers can get a five-year residency without needing a sponsor or employer in UAE. Below mentioned are a few requirements:

  • Freelancer visa or self-employment permit: you need to obtain any one of them from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Bachelor’s degree: You must hold an acceptable bachelor’s degree
  • Income higher than minimum salary:  You need to provide evidence for the annual income report for the past two years. And your income must be higher than the minimum salary to ensure a good living standard.


As the UAE has decided to grow, it is heading forward for investors and partners. If an investor acquires a green residency visa, he gets a five-year residency in the UAE.

  • Investment approval: The investment needs to be approved, and then the investor must submit proof of an investment in a business in the UAE.
  • Total capital investment: You must also provide proof of a total capital investment of 1 million to the UAE. The entire investment must be calculated if you hold more than one license.
  • Local authority: This is a time-taking process as local authorities require to approve the investment. The applicant will be informed of the asset being accepted.
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