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A complete guide to starting an eCommerce Business in Dubai - Clever Corp

A complete guide to starting an eCommerce Business in Dubai

Dubai is the place for entrepreneurs. The city offers ample space for businesses to grow, so it’s the place to be if you’re looking for investment opportunities. Are you thinking about how to start an eCommerce business in Dubai? We are a professional team of experts who can assist you with your  Business setup services in Dubai. We offer “tailored solutions to the companies of different sizes” to get started within no time by a seamless approach.

Ecommerce Business in Dubai – Advantages

  • 100% ownership for non-natives
  • Low-cost operation
  • No extra taxes, other than 5%  VAT
  • UAE resident visa

Steps involved in starting an e-commerce business:

Step 1: The foremost thing in E-commerce is choosing the jurisdiction of the business. This jurisdiction depends upon the type of business. It can be selected from Dubai Mainland on Free Zone.  

Step 2: Finding a correct place of business is the second step to be done. For E-commerce businesses, you need not have ample commercial space. You must have a registered address in Dubai to have a business license.  

Step 3: Making the permanent and legal registration of the business. Don’t forget that the authorities have stipulated the type of names that are allowed or not allowed. You have an option of forwarding three business names for the registration.  

Step 4: Designing a new and glitch-free website for your business. This website will contain all the information regarding the company. It will have complete details on the origin, type, quality of products, and how to order them. The page must be interactive, easy to browse, and quick to respond. There should be a separate area for the quires regarding the business on the website page.  

Step 5: Opening of a new and fresh bank account for business-related transactions. The company should also provide an additional payment gateway for the users.  

Step 6: Now you are ready with all the steps and legal rights required for business. Launch your e-commerce and promote it through different means and social media. You can also use professional agencies depending upon the budget.  

If you’re looking to set up an e-commerce business in Dubai, here are some things you should know:

Business Name Registration: Trademark registration is a safeguard for all of your investments into your company, and it gives you peace of mind that you will not share the same name as another business.

Business Structure: Choosing the right business structure is a crucial step in  setting up a new company in Dubai. This primarily depends on what you do and what you prefer, such as 100% ownership or partnering with a local sponsor.

Business Bank Account: You may be tempted to use your personal bank account for convenience, but keep in mind that it can be difficult to track your business proceeds when combined with your personal finances. It is important that you start a business bank account right before you start business transactions.

Right Jurisdiction: When you’re looking for a place to start a business, don’t forget to consider the trade zones in Dubai. With complete foreign ownership and the ability to trade internationally, these 30+ free zones offer businesses plenty of benefits that can help them grow.

Create your Brand Presence Online: Your e-commerce business is incomplete without a website and social media pages. Your website and social media pages are the platforms where you will showcase your products or services, so it’s important to get it right and promote them online.

No extra cost – There is zero additional cost for starting a new business in Dubai. As well as, zero taxes are levied, excluding 5% VAT. In Dubai, there is a low operation cost which enables you to operate freely without having the pressure of taxes.  

Multiple currency transactions – In Dubai, the products are not sold only within their states but in the global market. Thus Dubai over the facilities for multiple currency transactions. 

Why choose Clever Corp for E-commerce business setup in Dubai

With Clever Corp, you can get a head start on your business setup in Dubai by working with a professional business consultant and company formation agency in Dubai. We offer tailored solutions to companies of all sizes to fit your brand and provide the best solution to your E-commerce needs. We have Specialized Knowledge and Experience in  E-commerce Company Setup in Dubai.

We will be your Strategic Partner in Finding Opportunities to Setup your Company in Dubai. As all Our Work is finished In-House by our own team, you do not have to depend on any third party when you partner with us.

The clever corp is experienced and has worked in this field for over seven years. We know how to make your visions your mission. We achieved the trust and faith of around 200 people who have earlier worked with us, and some are continuing. Clever Corp assures that the thought of the people would be delivered to the professional and legal framework. So you can have complete faith in clever corp regarding your views and ideas. 

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