E-Cigarettes and Vaping is now legal in Dubai

Dubai Government under the Dubai Economic development (DED) has announced about the launch of E cigarettes trading to now be legal in Dubai and has launched a new activity called “Electronic cigarettes & accessories trading” under “Tobacco and Smoking accessories trading” group. This activity would be registered in the Dubai mainland and will allow the investors to legally have the E cigarettes trading in the local market.

It is categorized under the commercial activity by the activity name “Electronic cigarettes & accessories trading” having the description which includes reselling electronic cigarettes which are electronic devices that work by heating a liquid called e-juice which generates vapor that is inhaled by the user. The e-juice may or may not contain nicotine. E-cigarette is anticipated to fuel the experience of smoking cigarettes and may help users to quit smoking.

The launch was done and been in force from the mid of April 2019. This has now opened the doors for many foreign investors to shift their business base to Dubai due to the major reason of minimizing their taxes. This launch also shows the cultural adaptability which Dubai is keen on and making the country more synergize with the world.

ESMA Approval

Prior to the launch, selling E-cigarettes was not legal in Dubai. But from mid-April 2019, selling of E-cigarettes & vaping devices is been allowed in Dubai. The product approval will be governed by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). This approval becomes mandatory to make sure that the testing of ingredients is done and indeed it restricts the usage of any banned substances thus ensuring the health and safety of the surroundings and the public.

This move will also discourage the purchase of unregulated products available widely online. Under this new regulation, it will cover all standard electronic nicotine products, which are used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes such as electronic shisha, electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes, vaping devices & liquid refills.

With this initiative been launched, all the manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers dealing in such products previous through some online channels need to get all their products approved through ESMA and can start to trade in legally

Where can these licenses are issued?

The location of the shop/office is to be pre-approved by Dubai Municipality, following certain rules. The basic rules are that the shop or an office is not near by a mosque or a school. It could also be issued in a mall or a market place.

E-cigarettes will also carry health warnings.

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