Offshore Company Formation UAE

We assist clients shape and nurture their Offshore Company formation in UAE

Among the various types of company formation’s, offshore holds a predominant position in the International trade. The business environment in UAE offers the foreign investors all the advantages of its developed economy.

Benefits of Offshore Company Formation

  • Free enterprise system.
  • Highly developed transportation infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications.
  • Top international exhibitions and conference venues.
  • High quality offices and residential accommodation.
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures.
  • Reliable power, utilities etc.
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Offshore Company Incorporation and Bank Account Opening:

An offshore company is better served for many businesses all over the world. Any intelligent business owner looking to secure his business interests and assets lowering the taxes would no doubt opt for an offshore structure as an umbrella to own their several businesses. Having all these in mind starting an offshore company is not so easy. A right advisor is mandatory to understand our businesses and advise the structure. The most common jurisdictions to setup an offshore company are Mauritius, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands etc. there are certain low or zero tax jurisdictions which includes Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Above all Middle East is emerging as a Hub for offshore companies by its predominant factor of Income and Business Tax free jurisdiction. UAE is the predominant country hosting 2 offshore jurisdictions namely Ajman, Ras al Khamia (RAK ICC) and Jebal Ali (JAFZA).

Offshore Company Key Benefits:

  • Asset protection
  • Tax Benefits
  • Privacy & Anonymity
  • Low operational Cost
  • Legal Protection
  • Bank Account
  • Invoicing Internationally

Documents Required for Setting up Offshore Company:

  • Passport copy of the share holders
  • Recent Utility bill of the shareholders which stands as an address proof
  • Bank reference letter
  • 6 moths personal bank statements
  • CV/Resume

Popular Business Activities for Offshore Company formation:

  • Property Holding
  • International General Trading
  • Investment Holding
  • Consultancy Services

Our expert advisors at Clever Corp would help in understanding your requirements and advise you the right business set up.