E-Trader License in Dubai

E-Trader License in Dubai

E-trader licenses in Dubai are designed for self-employed people or business owners who market their goods and services on social media sites like Instagram or other social media channels. In Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) established the E-trader license to control the sales of online goods made possible by social media platforms. This […]

How to set up a Limited Liability Company in the UAE?

set up a Limited Liability Company in the UAE

Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s growing economies. Depending on the business activities, Dubai has chosen to open the company in three different jurisdictions, Freezone, Mainland, or offshore. Dubai has the best transportation and logistic session, which makes it unique, and these reasons make the mainland an ideal place. Here are all details […]

How to get a Green Visa UAE – Ultimate Guide (2022)

Green Visa UAE

Moving away from Oil, UAE is working to create long-range socio-economic strategies to prevent the nation from relying on one or two markets. The focus is on sustainable development through the country’s tourism and construction industries. As a result, UAE has introduced several types of visas like Green visas, Golden visas, Talent visas, etc., having […]

Complete Guide to ICA Smart Services in the UAE

ICA Smart Services in the UAE

Giving roofs to newly inaugurated businesses, UAE has become the most dynamic business hub. Expanding from start-ups and small businesses to entrepreneurs and massive multinational corporations, Dubai lets everyone work with ease, efficiency, and speed. This is the reason why it has become a significant attraction for business people from all over the world. ICA […]

How To Apply For A Family Visa Through ICA Dubai, UAE

Family Visa Through ICA

Millions of workers & Businessmen have now chosen UAE as their residence to outright the future growth and they have established themselves in UAE.  while working as a foreign national and having UAE Residency Visa, you are allowed to bring your family to UAE with ICA Approval. It’s now essential to know the ways to […]

VAT Consultancy services in Dubai, UAE

VAT Consultancy services in Dubai

Businesses in Dubai need to manage their tax-related services effectively. A small mistake in VAT can cause a big loss to the VAT position of the company. In terms of VAT and understanding in a broader way, and to manage in a better way, and fulfilling all the standard guidelines given by Federal TAX Authority […]

Get Investor Visa in Dubai, UAE [Detailed Guide]

Get Investor Visa in Dubai

Dubai’s Favourable and friendly government policies and commercial hub of the region are one of the major reasons for Dubai’s becoming the world’s fastest-growing economy. Also, the attraction of tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Investors has made Dubai a Versatile city preferably a land of Gold. Dubai stimulates and promotes further foreign Investment with their enriched Business […]

How To Start A Beauty Salon Business In Dubai

Beauty Salon Business In Dubai

United Arab Emirates is well known for its beauty Industry, which is the most in-demand in UAE. Deciding to open Beauty Salon Business In Dubai acts as a great idea since there is a lot of demand for this service. With a high standard of Living in Dubai and UAE, People have started giving more […]

Checklist to set up Company in Mainland Dubai, UAE

Dubai mainland checklist

Introduction There are two alternatives available to entrepreneurs wishing to launch a new enterprise in the United Arab Emirates. Some decide to locate their enterprise in one of the nation’s free zones in order to profit from the numerous tax, duty, and repatriation advantages. While others decide to register a business on the UAE’s mainland. […]

How to Get a Professional License in Dubai

Professional License in Dubai

Dubai has set a goal in attracting Foreign Investments by enabling them to set up their business operation in the United Arab Emirates. UAE Economy offers 3 kinds of licensing services in Dubai to entrepreneurs or Individuals seeking to establish their business in Dubai. The license can be known as- Professional License ( Service Industry) […]