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Business setup consultants in Dubai - Clever Corp

Business setup consultants in Dubai

Business setup consultants in Dubai

Every business in the world that is functioning actively faces one or the other issues due to the market scenarios of that particular country. An environment with good infrastructure, access to high facilities, and technology are ideal for any business. Dubai has been considered one of the perfect destinations in today’s world due to its high & stable economic growth, which helps boost business. Business setup consultants in Dubai helps an individual should know the various procedure and formalities that have to be undergone to establish a business in Dubai. 

Business setup consultants in Dubai

We are a team of expert business setup consultants in Dubai, helping many individuals kickstart their business in UAE by understanding the market situation and giving solutions. Few are the components anyone needs to keep in mind while setting up business in Dubai.

Company Formation

In Dubai, companies are set up depending upon their nature, license work, and visa requirements. In UAE, a company can be located in a free zone or mainland area depending upon its nature.

Trademark And Registration

You must register your trademark to ensure that your products or services do not fall victim to competition tactics such as faulty products and imitations. The brand gains value over time as its market share increases, and the company enjoys this value addition. 

Trademark safeguards your business identity and protects against others using the same essence. It removes the need to rely on ‘common law. It can be licensed, franchised, or sold. Trademarks also provide more credibility in the eye of the customer. 


Our PRO Services are vital as we provide professional document clearing services. Working closely with several government entities, including the Department of Economic Development (DED), Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs & Ministry, we guarantee the quickest and most convenient solutions in the industry. Our strong relationship with government entities ensures faster License Renewal, Visa cancellation/renewal, Emirates ID service, Document Approvals, Immigration cards, Labor Contracts, and more. 

Hr Services

 A solid HR setup is the bloodline of any good business. Without the right team working collectively towards a common goal, no business can achieve its target and become the enterprise it wants. 

 These HR Services provide

 – Leave and absence program

 – Creates flexible compensation plans

 – Redefine employee benefits packages

 – Connect to an existing payroll system

 – Improve recruitment with the LinkedIn Talent solution. 

Legal Services and Consultants

Setting up a new business in Dubai or any other area requires many legal formalities. However, this legal aspect affects everything in the industry. Our legal team can help you whether you are setting up a new business or need to manage a legal matter of a previous one. 

Accounting Services

Any small or large company must have clear and accurate information regarding the inflow and outflow of money. An accounting services consultant helps improve profitability, analyze financial documentation, and forecast future expenditure and revenue. These services business consultants in Dubai have experienced holders or have an entire team to assist the business. 

It Services

The most critical service in any company. A company with a vast customer base needs well-developed technical support. IT consultant provides services like network security, SEO, web development, social media management, etc., which helps solve computers’ technical issues. It bridges the gap between its technical service and non-technical customers and focuses on cloud computing. 

Marketing Services

Good marketing is needed to enhance the company’s position. Marketing is now available through online mood also. Marketing services consultants provide specific knowledge about the business leading to a competitive edge. It offers a third-party advisor and makes the company more flexible.

How is it to start a business in Dubai? 

Firstly research is to be done on the Market of Dubai to understand the market situation in Dubai for an ideal business. 

In Dubai, the system requires the individual who starts a business to join hands with a local UAE partner, and the respective person would be holding a majority of the company (51%). Though this is not the only way to establish a business in Dubai, speaking to people who know the best in the industry is always better.

Proof of Fund

Now the individual has to meet the fund requirements for the business. One must prove that the individual has sufficient balance to start a company in Dubai. For setting up a business in a free zone area, an individual can have 100% shares of their business.

Benefits of establishing a new business in Dubai

  • Get access to a more significant part of UAE apart from Dubai free zone. 
  • The individual gets its own 100% ownership of their business and more.
  • Safe and robust governance
  • A World-class financial hub
  • An educated supply of human capital with diverse professional experience hailing from all. 
  • No physical officer requirements
  • No share capital requirements.

Why The Clever Corp Consultancy Services?

Our team has worked in this field for several years and has plenty of experience working with various people. Whether you are facing a problem in accounting, IT, legal, or marketing, we have professionals from every field on our panel of business consultants in Dubai. Our team is highly skilled, with certifications and qualifications from some of the top institutes in the world. Our services give you a customized solution focused on your particular business and market, and we design strategies that enable our clients to achieve continuous growth and scale sustainably.

To discuss more in detail your business plan, reach us today to have a suitable solution for your business dreams. We at Clever corp hold vast experience and our expert advisors are round the clock at your service to understand your idea better and get them into reality. Contact us at +971586412031 or +97145804048 to discuss with our experts at info@theclevercorp.com.

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