All you need to know about Offshore company formation in Dubai

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai is the best way to set up a business in the UAE. An offshore company offers no tax or low tax rates for international business and the perfect systems for management and investment.

Dubai is a hub for  offshore company formation, and many companies around the world choose to register in this UAE location. Offshore companies in Dubai are often registered for business purposes such as tax benefits, investor protection and trade advantages.

There are a number of reasons to set up an offshore company formation in the UAE. Some of them are monetary benefits like tax exemptions, international funding, investor-friendly laws and regulations, future plans for business expansion, and facilitating international trade.

Offshore company formation in Dubai – Advantages

Privacy and Confidentiality : Information about company owners is not disclosed during the offshore company formation process, giving foreign investors the opportunity to be anonymous.

Tax Benefits : The UAE region has always enjoyed a lenient tax regime, which has attracted foreign investors. The no corporate income tax law is an example of this.

Banking Accounts: Offshore companies can open international bank accounts so that they can easily conduct business transactions across borders. We will help you to choose the best provider as well as opening the required bank accounts.

Greater Flexibility: Foreign investors are able to own 100% of their offshore companies in Dubai. They don’t need a physical office as they would with other business formations in the UAE.

With the help of Offshore company formation, you are able to enjoy the ownership rights of an offshore company. The business or operations occurring in its country of registration are limited. Besides  mainland company formation and free zone company formation, the licensing process is not applicable for Offshore company formation in UAE. The authorities issue a certificate of incorporation. It’s the same idea, but for the same reasons you may accomplish an offshore business set up service in Dubai without any delays.

Required Document for Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

  • Bank Statements(Min 6 months)
  • Address Proof
  • Shareholder’s passport copies
  • 3 options for Business names
  • Business Plan(Optional)
  • Business activity
  • Shareholder’s curriculum vitae


There are many benefits to having an offshore company. For instance, it provides a high degree of privacy from the authorities and a low level of transparency. However, if you are a Foreigner and want to venture into international markets, UAE offshore company formation in Dubai is your best option.

Clever Corp will help you to incorporate your company in the UAE with ease. Get in touch with our advisors now and we’ll make sure your offshore business set up is done right

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